An Outline of Jolly Roger 2

Play’n GO, a software provider, has brought back their pirate-themed slot machine Jolly Roger from 2012. The visuals have been greatly better, and Play’n GO has packed the sequel with more features than a pirate from yesteryear. The studio even managed a couple of references to the source material, which purists would find pleasing. Let’s set sail for a feature-packed adventure on the high seas, complete with immediate payouts, unpredictable multipliers, and free spin bonus rounds, if you’re up for it.

Visually, Jolly Roger 2 is certainly a big improvement over its predecessor. If you’ve played the original, you’ll immediately notice a huge improvement in this remake. Jolly Roger 2 is played on a 5-reel, 20-payline grid that appears to be placed on a ship at sea, complete with loaded guns. The gaps are filled with a stirringly theatrical soundtrack that goes nicely with the swashbuckling exploits on film.

Playable from 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin on any device, the numbers produced by the game are those you generally get from Play’n GO. The numbers are as strong as you’d expect from this developer, with a default RTP of 96.20%, medium to high volatility, and a 5,000x potential.

If you check at the paytable, you’ll see that the highest paying symbols are the 10s and the A’s, followed by the skull rings and crucifixes and the diamonds and chests. For winning combinations of five of a type, the high rewards range from 5x to 10x the wager. When the wild symbol of a skull and crossbones appears on a payline, it has the same value as the treasure box. In addition to replacing scatters, wilds can stand in for any other icon.

Title: Jolly Roger 2: The Specs

Rage of the Seas, a pirate-themed slot machine from NetEnt, has a lot of moving parts. We’ll try to be as concise and straightforward as possible, but there’s a lot of ground to cover. This is probably why ancient people used treasure maps.

The Compass feature, which appears above the reels and is triggered at random, is the first attraction. The compass activates with a multiplier of 2, 3, 5, 8, or 10 applied to the current turn.

When three scatters appear on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Bonus Quest feature activates, giving players who enjoyed the original Jolly Roger slot a chance to pick prizes. To unlock three bonus features, players must select from a pool of 12. There are a total of four additional features, including Instant Wins, a free spin with a bottle of rum, a treasure hunt, and free spins won in a battle.

One-time awards range from 2x to 20x the wager and are given out instantly. Keep in mind that the compass feature could potentially join in, multiplying the reward by as much as ten.

The Bottle of Rum Free Spin is one free spin that displays 5 rum bottles when the reels come to a stop. Players take turns selecting bottles from a crate until one is revealed to be poisoned. Each bottle that isn’t poisoned makes a random reel completely wild. The compass function can be used for up to a 10x boost here as well.

There are 10 initial free spins for the Treasure Hunt. A gaming board with a boat, a ‘X,’ and a set amount of movements can be seen beneath the reels. Each map symbol that lands on the reels moves the boat one position on the game map. When the boat reaches a ‘X,’ a chest will be unearthed, revealing either two or three extra spins and a level boost. Upgrades can increase the odds of winning or change regular icons into wilds. The treasure consists of seven different chests. When all of them are located, the number of bonus spins begins counting down based on the currently active bonuses.

Since there is no predetermined maximum for Battle Spins, they can go on indefinitely. Instead, they have three “lives” that must be preserved at all costs. The enemy vessel is chosen at random; it may be a Privateer Ship or a Merchant Vessel. When you defeat a Dutch, British, or Portuguese Privateer Ship, you’ll earn a unique award. Pirate and privateer currencies are used in this 3×3 grid battle. The current round of combat goes to the side that lands the most coins.

If you manage to take down a Privateer, you’ll be rewarded with a free spin using the compass function and a reel full of stacked wilds. Additionally, you will receive the following Opponents Victory Reward:

In the British version of the game, treasure chests replace all high-paying symbols.

In Portuguese, two or more symbols might become wild.

Dutch: three consecutive reels have the same icons.

A life is at stake in any fight against a Privateer Ship. Even when the Opponents Victory Award and compass multiplier aren’t in play, you still get a free spin with a stacked wild reel. Players always defeat Merchant ships, but do not get a life for doing so. In the next free spin, stacked wilds will cover an entire reel, but there will be no compass multiplier or Opponent Victory Reward.

verdict for Jolly Roger 2

Jolly Roger 2 is a completely different animal from its predecessor. It’s like contrasting the original Audi Quattro with a Koenigsegg Agera. Is this a stretch? Probably, but if you want to see how far slot machines have come, you should play Jolly Roger 2 for a while and then enjoy the heck out of the original.

It’s cool that the two games share some common ground. For example, bonus games in the first were all about picking chests or spots to dig for goodies. By using scrolls or rum bottles, the second maintains the picking dynamic.

The core gameplay is solid, and it’s been improved upon as well. This is because of the high frequency of victories, albeit low in value, the occasional modifier, and the abundance of two scatter teasers. Of course, the most exciting parts of any slot machine are the bonus games, and Play’n GO has created a collection of fantastic extras for their players to enjoy. As wins accumulate during a Battle Free Spin, the round might go on for a very long time. But even the ‘lowly’ Instant Prize or Bottle of Rum Free Spins can pay out handsomely if the compass feature activates at the same moment.

Jolly Roger 2 is the pinnacle of pirate-themed slot machines. It looks excellent, sounds great, and offers several interesting bonus games. Play’n GO has successfully captured the spirit of the seven seas, and it is supported by a rigorous mathematical model. The only genuine complaint is that gamers who like more traditional bonus games may be disappointed. It’s intriguing to speculate on the future of slots in light of the huge gap between the two parts.






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